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Order/ Payment Problems


I was placing the order for this gig "*********
and I entered my card details and I clicked on pay now, then I was billed for 5$ but then fiverr showed me some kind of error and it is still on the pay now screen.
Please look into the matter and resolve the issue. I have attached payment receipt from my bank for you to check. As I am in India, I have been billed Rs.349 which is 5$.

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Complaints Against Fiverr
Complaints Against Fiverr

You need to get in touch with customer support, noone here in the forum will be able to help you with this issue. Good luck!


This is a forum, not Customer Support. Customer Report can’t respond to you here. You’ll need to submit a ticket to them:


Guys thank you for your answers, I really appreciate your support.
I have already done that but I didn’t receive any positive feedback from them so I thought I just take it public. Can you suggest where can I file a complaint that’ll be public?


Why not speak to your bank/card issuer?


Yes I did so. My payment has been made successfully. They even gave me a payment ID. Fiverr has received the money, they have done this before to customers and they are still doing it.


Can you not claim back via your bank/card issuer?


Hello Fellow Person, If you are going to place an order and looking for reviews about how it is, this review is for you.
I read many reviews saying Fiverr is this and Fiverr is that but I thought such a big company would never cheat on customers like this. But as it turns out, I was cheated more like been Looted.
I selected the Gig and went on to payment window, I entered my Card details and Clicked “Buy Now” or whatever the button said.
The screen showed an error but simultaneously I got a text from my bank saying that I am debit with 5$ from Fiverr. I thought it was just an error and I would either be refunded or I’ll get the order placed. I waited for 2 hours but nothing happened.
Then I Wrote a complaint, they automatically answered and closed the request without asking me if my problem was solved or not.
This is just an unacceptable thing, how can somebody cheat on customers like this?
I would just ask you not to Buy anything from Fiverr ever.
If somebody asks you why then show them this complaint. I would surely update this topic IF I ever receive any positive feedback from them.

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Did you ask support about your problem?


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It might be more profitable for you to write politely to CS explaining the error again and requesting that they fix it. Coming to the forum to tell/spam longstanding users of Fiverr (sellers and buyers) who are generally satisfied with the platform is…

…not. Also, if you direct someone who asks you “well, Sachin, why should I not buy anything from Fiverr, ever?” and you point them to this post, then they’re going to quickly realize that you instantly went from disgruntled to finger on the red button.

Remember, technology, just like everything else in this godforsaken world, is not perfect and there are hiccups all the time.



Why would you tell people not to buy here when you are a seller with a gig?

Glitches happen and it will be resolved.


I’m not sure what kind of gig it was you tried purchasing, but contact CS, explain the situation politely, and I’m sure they will fix things for you. After that, try placing an order again ( make sure you do your homework and check if the seller is a decent one in order to avoid another problem), and see where it goes. In most cases people are satisfied with their buying experience here, try not to jump to a bad conclusion because of just one error. Hopefully you will be pleased in the end.


Please contact CS for further information and guide.


Yes you are right, I shouldn’t have done that. I was just furious at the time because of their response.
It was just about all the reviews that I read coming true about how Fiverr cheated them. They have replied and I am waiting for them to check their system again.
Can you tell me where can I find all the posts that I’ve created?


Yes of-course technology is not not perfect but it hurts when it is done deliberately and it is not a technical fault after all.
I read almost 100 reviews of people experiencing the same thing that I did and they weren’t heard. Neither did their problem was solved.
Mine and their bad experience needs to be voiced which is after all the point of this post.
I know that I am not gonna receive my money back, I am doing it for others who are putting their trust into this Fiverr service.


Hey I have faced same issue but I paid amount of 360$ but it is not reflecting in my profile, customer service haven’t responded to my emails.
Have you got your money back ?


That’s irksome but don’t worry, you’ll certainly get your money back.

You said you wrote multiple mails - I assume you meant you created a ticket via the ticket system?
You should make sure they got your ticket, you would have gotten an automated first reply telling you your ticket with the number so-and-so has been created, and somewhere in the ticket it should tell you the current response time, usually 24 hours but depending on how many inquiries they have, it can be up to 48 hours too.

It’s best to not create new tickets but only add to the first one, else you might end up with multiple tickets with different numbers and different people assigned to them and it could get confusing.

You can check if your ticket has been created and add to it if you look for “Help” in the top menu bar while you’re logged in and click through until you’re there. It should show your ticket number with status “open” there.


Yes I got the ticket number with “open” status. And it is almost 24hrs so now I am wondering do I get my money back or not based on #sachinbaheti reply ?


Maybe response time is a bit longer than usual because of the weekend no idea, but as your ticket got created, you’ll certainly get a reply. I’d wait 48 hours myself and if still no reply, add to the existing ticket (not create a new one).
There certainly are some things that aren’t ideal here but I never had any problems with money in now over two years here. I had to cancel an order once, but was refunded.
Could be a technical bug or some issue with prescreening of the payment from your bank’s or Fiverr’s side, but they’ll figure it out and either create your order manually, or refund. You can find something about that in the Buyer FAQ.