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Order pending ‘in revision’ and can’t leave the review


I’ve ordered a gig to come up with few different names for my brand. The seller didn’t deliver as promised since all the suggested names were already taken. I’ve asked for the revision and same thing happened. I didn’t see the point to wait any longer and I’ve asked for my money back but seller refused to do so. I didn’t want to argue and going back and forth but I definitely want to leave a review. My problem is that the order is still ‘in revsiion’ and the seller doesn’t want to mark as completed therefore I can’t leave the review. It’s been a month since I’ve been asking & waiting and nothing. How can I leave the review for this unfulfilled order. This person is so unreliable & didn’t deliver on time and suggested other people’s companies names so I want to make other people aware before they waste their money as I did. PLEASE HELP :slight_smile:


If you get your money back (ie. if it gets cancelled) you won’t (or won’t normally) be able to leave a review. You can only normally review if the order is delivered and you accept it or you leave it until it completes (eg. after 3 days from delivery).

You could contact CS about the order if necessary (eg. if it’s not being re-delivered after waiting a long time (a sufficient amount of days) or it’s not being cancelled if you’ve created a cancellation request.).


I haven’t had a refund as the seller believed she fulfilled the order but it was clearly state she will come up with names that are available on social media & domain but they didn’t. I don’t want to waste more time & argue with her but want to warn others before they place an order.

I couldn’t find any telephone number nor an option for a live chat so not sure who I can talk to…?!

She didn’t marked as order is completed so I can’t leave the review and it says ‘in revision’ for a month or so now and I can’t change it.


Also, how can order a cancellation request? It seems like I don’t have these option on that order? All it takes me is to the revision page but the seller already said she won’t review anymore nor give my money back


Can you select the “dispute” option on the order page? If so, there should be a “request cancellation” option or something like that after clicking that if you need to cancel and if the seller hasn’t done what was specified in the gig description.


Or I see is this and there no other option but to talk to her :woman_shrugging:t2:


Try going to the order using a web browser and see if there’s a “dispute” option on the order page.
If there is, you could use that to request a cancellation.
If there isn’t (or if the seller declines it) you could contact Fiverr customer support (this is assuming they haven’t done what they specified in the gig description).


Oh!! I just found it on the website!! I was using the app and didn’t have the option.

Last question:

If I order cancellation order for ‘poor quality delivery’ - am I going to be able to leave her review?

I think I just call it a day with the money as there’s no way she will give it back to me since she thinks she did ‘an amazing job’ :joy:


No, if the order gets cancelled for that you won’t be able to review it, but you’ll get refunded (excluding the service charge).


What if the Fiverr review it and says she’s right?

She came up with taken & ridiculous names but said to me that everybody has a different opinion to what the good name is and everyone have different taste and she believes she did amazing.

Btw. I asked to come up with a clothing store name and one of the suggestion was not only taken but it’s a name of a TOILET SEAT for kids


What do you think it’s the best to do?


Maybe contact CS about it and see what they say about what was delivered.


Thank you! Will do that xx


You need to remove the name of the seller from your screenshot as that is not allowed on the forum.

Here is the link for Customer Support: if you need it.


There is an option for resolution center.
Click on this 3 dot then click on resolution center.
You will get few option like this. I am not sure what option available for buyer but you can find an option for cancel the order. If you want to leave a review it would be the best option to contact CS. I would suggest contact support then they will review this order.


If Fiverr decides not to cancel it, you will not get the refund but you can leave an honest review.

Technically if she came up with some names that weren’t taken (enough to fulfill the gig requirements) the fact that they were ridiculous would be considered a personal taste issue. Technically you should review the seller accordingly instead of getting a refund IF the issue comes down to taste, but you have the choice to let Fiverr Support decide.