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Order placed and cancelled without me even knowing?


What the hell just happened?

I just got 4 notifications back to back within the same 2 minutes on my phone - “Buyer has just placed an order” and “Buyer has requested to cancel the order”, two times. Same buyer.

When I came upstairs to go on my PC and see what was going on, the order was already cancelled - BY MUTUAL AGREEMENT.


Um, no way did I agree to cancel. What is going on? How did the buyer receive a cancellation without my consent?

If you look at the screenshot, you’ll see that this order was cancelled the SAME MINUTE the cancellation was requested. I am 100% certain there’s no way I cancelled. I wasn’t even on my PC when it was cancelled!

Please help!


Have you contacted CS .You should explain that to the CS . They can give you the solution .


I did contact them, but the current response time is up to 24 hours so I thought maybe my clever pals over at the forum might have some thoughts/experience they could share! I’ve never come across this in 2 years of selling on FIverr.


Did the buyer filled the requirements of your gigs?


No, the ordes were placed and then cancelled within about a minute of ordering.


Then I think your order completion rate should not be affected .If affected then you should wait for the CS’s reply . Hope they will fix that .


I hope you’re right. If I have a slow month next month it could tank my stats. Been working my butt off to keep my stats at 100%!


Happened to me a few months ago and didn’t affect my stats. Apparently, if it happens fast enough it should be fine.


That’s good news! Still, I’d like to hear what CS has to say about it being able to happen at all… like, is it a glitch or? Just don’t understand how it’s possible. So weird.


It’s an automatic option they’ve chose, perhaps? It happened so quickly in my case as well, I couldn’t figure out what happened.


Hmm maybe if a buyer doesn’t submit requirements, they are able to cancel it without checking with the seller? I’ll report back with CS’s response :sunglasses:


Yes, right. I think that may be the case. It was still an inactive order in my case as well.

I mean, I’m a bit irked by it being “mutual” but since I chose to always ask for requirements and the buyer kind of admitted he was unwilling to provide those, it’s almost safe to assume I wouldn’t have worked with them either way and would accept the cancellation request.


Maybe if the order hasn’t started they can cancel it without your input. I wonder if these affect your stats.


It’s a very bad experience. and I think your windows are not working well. maybe your windows attacked by virus or anything else. And it’s maybe possible that your pc is hacked by someone and he/she trying to destroy your reputation.


Whoa dang that’s a bit of a dark turn :joy: do you know something I don’t?


And maybe it’s because of the phase of the moon? It’s as likely.

Please don’t make stuff up which is going to scare other users without any proof.


Well If it’s your windows problem then you should change your windows. And If any one try to hack your fiver account then you should contact fiver admin and you should change your privecy , password etc. I think your profile will be safe after doing this…


How is any of this related to a cancelled order please?


I sayed it maybe happen do not try to blame any one or hurt any one.


Hi, I like your sense of humor. Funny taking it from cancelled orders to being hacked and needing to replace her computer’s operating system, and having her fiverr account being hacked. Nice catastrophizing. :grimacing: