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Order Placed but buyer is offline so Order ran into Late time delivery

Hi Everyone,
almost 2 weeks ago I send a proposal from buyer request and I got an order.
Order was placed but buyer went offline and I had some question that’s why I ran into late order and my Time on delivery is down and I’m not receiving buyer requests now.
I did completed the order just was late about few hours and buyer contacted me after a week and he was so happy to see my service.
What should I do ?

Unfortunately, wait it out, until the numbers level out. That’s your only recourse.

Remember, you can only deliver what they order. But you have to deliver something.
You should not let that situation happen in the future.

Do your best to deliver the order to the best of your ability with what information you do have.
Guess, if you have to.
If it doesn’t meet their needs, they can request a revision. That’s the whole reason the system exists.

Thankyou liquidlettuce for your reply,
I had to wait for him to come and clear the confusion about order problem statement.
He did left a message to ask him if I’ve any questions. When I was about to ran into late order,
I did contacted some experienced people to understand the confusion requirement of order.
At last I did delivery it on my own after few hours of late.