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Order placed but not showing in any manage order categories

Ive placed an order paying extra for speedy delivery. Both dont show in manage my order and even thoufh payments been taken for both as per my bank Sms and account.

The sellers dont see my orders either.

Now since i needed these asap theres no way the customer service is responding blazing fast either.

How is this possible that the money is taken and the order creation didnt happen to take me to the submit requirements page!


I had the same happen today, a buyer paid, showed me the screenshot even, but the order didn’t show up for me, although that of another buyer around the same time got through, so it’ll be something on the buyer’s side.

I’ve contacted support to look into it, I fear there’s not much more you can do from your side, this forum is supervised but as far as I know they don’t directly react to posts here usually.

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I also had the same situation happened today. I paid to the seller, my card was charged but the order isn’t shown on the platform at all. And I needed it to be done ASAP.
What can we do?

Hi Alina, you need to contact support, they solved my issue already, I can see the client’s order now. :slight_smile:

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