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Order placed but not started...1 day remaining


I placed an order with 4 day delivery.

I checked today (1 day, 15 mins remaining).

The user has not been online for 4 days according to the chat.

I sent an email but if the person does a 4 day task in 1 day (or less), amd I’m not satisfied, is there anything I can do?

I guess your seller determined the timeline on the gig that you purchased? You didn’t specify what is the task but if he can complete it in one day what’s the difference for you? Timelines on orders set for most services to cover for everything:time it takes to complete the task plus the time he will need to get to your order after completing others in queue.

If he wouldn’t deliver on time then your order will go to late and then a very stage and that’s when you will be able to cancel an order from your side if seller wouldn’t deliver it on time.

Cool. If it’s delivered on time, I will have no problem.

But I’m kinda worried as it’s 23 hours and seller has not been online for 4 days. I sent a chat too.

Just wanted to see what the next step might be. If I have to start again from scratch with another seller, it will be a huge time loss for me.

Thank you for responding with the next step.
Actually, I don’t want to cancel as it will take longer to set up another seller again.