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Order placed but nothing received



i have order a logo (about 26$), entered my visa card number and at the end it says that i have to activate to proceed the order. I did not received any email to activate anything yet.

I did all this before registered with groenland2018 username, just logging from Facebook. The seller is waiting for me.

I will wait your answer, thank you!


Please note, this is a public forum for Fiverr users. Although people can offer advice and help here we are simply other Fiverr users.
When it says you need to activate, does it say that an email has been sent?
If so, and you have not done so already,I suggest you check the email address associated with your Facebook account including the spam folder.
I suspect that what you are being asked is to fill in the gig requirements to “activate the order”. If so you need to follow the instructions given by the seller in order for them to know the type, details, style etc of the logo you want.


Thank you for you answer. I have been told to write in the forum in order to have an answer…but it’s not working. I just want to write to somebody at Fiverr that can help me but it seems impissible…


Sorry, you are not allowed put your contact details on the forum, I removed them for you.
You can submit a customer support ticket by clicking on
You submit a ticket by clicking on “Contact Customer Support” in the top right and then following the step by step instructions.
This may take time (24 hours or so) for an answer so be patient and don’t send multiple tickets.
As I said, the forum is made up of other Fiverr users so we cannot see exactly what the problem is customer support will.