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Order placed, requirements skipped

Hello guys, did any of you noticed this when you send an offer and customer place an order the requirements are empty, only conversation available? Is this a Fiverr’s new feature or a bug?


No. This is old features. Buyer can skip the requirements. You can ask the buyer for requirements by sending reminder … :grinning:


give buyer a reminder massage.

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The order has started, like they haven’t filled the requirements at all but the countdown started. And it is happening only when I send them an offer, not when they place the order through the gig. There is no option for reminder message not whatsoever.

In the upper right hand corner is a place where you can visit the resolution center. I would use it.

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There is a option on order page for sending reminder . You can also message the buyer in inbox/order page to send you the requirements. Do not get panic .Just wait for the buyer response … Sometime we do mistake in panic … Just relax and wait for the buyer response … :grinning:

I guess I am a regular with the support, but always new problems.

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Not panicking at all, just checking is this only me or what is happening.

This happens sometimes… Its normal … Sometime buyer fill the requirements later . :grinning:

However .Best Of Luck

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You don’t understand what I meant but no worries. :slight_smile:
Have a great day!

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I think I know what is the issue. I am attaching a screenshot, kindly check it.
Actually, there is an option while sending the custom offer which says that whether you want to skip the requirements or not.
Always check it, otherwise, the countdown starts on its own without any instructions provided by the clients.

I hope it works. Cheers.

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It is checked, I saw it, but still somehow the requirements are skipped. 3rd order so far. xD

Hi @mashas_studio

Does the clock start ticking although buyers don’t fulfill the requirements?

I am having the same issue. The order was placed 2 days ago. I got a notification about the order and i could see that there are attached files from my android device, i saw only one file out of three and then i opened the order page on my computer to get the other two, nothing is there!. As per buyer’s message they did sent the files. I asked the buyer to resend the files, the buyer is not active.

I asked the customer support, i also told them the deadline is 2 days. They said there were no files attached, also sent me a screenshot explaining that the buyer left nothing.

But when i sent the android screenshot where the attach file is clearly seen, they admitted that the buyer did attached the files.


They said they’ve moved the ticket to their tech team and till now after about 24 hours, nothing from the technical team nor from CS.

I just sent a dispute request to the buyer.

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Yes, all of them. Luckily I have some of the info in the messages and can ask them, but still it shouldn’t work like this.

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This can really get annoying, and the CS isn’t all the fast as they should be.

Hi Mashas,

You may want to have within your gig description your requirements highlighted and bold above the fold (at the top of your description). It won’t completely eliminate the problems you’re having but it will prompt some buyers to actually provide you with what you need to get started.

Well wishes…


When sending a custom offer, Make sure this option “Ask for gig requirements” is green else the order countdown will start after an order is placed.


Also in your gig requirements, make sure this option “Answer is mandatory” is checked.

Good Luck!!!

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Yeah, i got a reply. They are still looking into this issue.

Thank you all for your messages, everything on my profile is like that, gig and an offer, never had an issue like this before. Sent a ticket already, hope they will fix this soon.