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Order placed while out of office

I am set to out of the office because I am out of town and do not have access to a computer. The system allowed someone to place an order but I cannot meet the deadline because I will not be back in time. All I have access to is the app but I cannot find how to request an extension using the app. Does anyone know how to do this?

I’m not even sure how I received an order when my gigs are inactive. This is really frustrating.


Hi Tracy,
I am looking at my phone app and trying to find an answer for you. I went to your gig page and I can see your gigs, but there is no way to order any of them. :thinking:

Was it perhaps a repeat client that placed an order?


Hi Tracy…
I also check my phone app and same here as vickiespencer says…

This was on my computer. Still checking out the phone app.

Hi. Probably you sent custom offer before. Or it may be client that ordered some days ago but completed requirements recently.

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I must have sent her a custom quote before I left. That is about the only way the order could have gone through.

I just need to out figure how to do the extension request. Argh.

Can you contact your buyer and explain the dilema you have and ask them to request an extension because you cannot from your phone app?

I couldn’t find such a functionality on the mobile application but if you’re in a rush I would suggest that you use your mobile browser and then visit:

And choose to Extend the delivery time.

Good luck


This works. I have had to do this on various things that don’t work from within the app. (Great tip, @jeanvictor)


Yes, You can access fiverr on mobile browser and request to extend delivery time.

When accessing Fiverr from a mobile browser use the option Request Desktop Site from the browser.

This is a screenshot from the Firefox mobile for Android. You can see the option to tick. Hope this helps.