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Order placement - not enough information - now offline

Hey guys,

i got my 4st order today, but the customer didnt give me enough information, unfortunately I cannot start like that. I already wrote him and asked him (I listed the points) to give me additional information. Hes been offline now since 26 minutes. He ordered express service so I need to be done with this in 24 hours.
What am I supposed to do now?

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Don’t start the countdown yet.
All you have to do is wait until they provide the information.

Let it be like that and remind the buyer to provide the requirements and let him know that your order will not start until you provide the order requirements, do not start the order yourself even by mistake

There is a button of reminder

I havent started the countdown.Thats the weird thing, he ordered, time wasnt ticking, because he hadnt given any information yet. Then I got the bit of information, I clicked on “theres something missing”, described whats missing, send the message and the timer just started ticking.

where is that? I cannot see it

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Hmm, send the buyer a private message, let’s hope you get the information soon.
You can also send request to extend the delivery time, just in case.

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Send Reminder button ask him to send requirement

yeah I already send him a message - but I dont see any reminder button? or am I understanding something wrong?

guys, he answered :D… i should have waited a bit more before opening this threat, but I was just too nervous! thank you all for helping and participating <3

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Nice, just in time. :smiley:
Good luck with the gig! :heart:

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That’s good to know, I hope everything will go nice.

best of luck with your first order!

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