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Order placing problem issue


Hi All,

I am new here & got a bad experience at the first moment, payment system is so bad, I made one purchase & it has been debited from my account but they did not get time to start my order work till now, really disgusting.

nobody from customer care also sorting this matter & getting the first order to be placed properly.

BAD platform Fiverr


Only Customer Service can help you I’m afraid - nothing any of us on the forum can do.

Hope you get it sorted. :slightly_smiling_face:


Already asked to the customer care support, but it seems they are sleeping instead of starting the work order.


I don’t really understand what’s the issue from your explanation. And only fiverr support can help if that’s a website bug.

However if you could try to explain the situation better then we might be able to help.

Did you place an order and order countdown didn’t start? Did you submit the requirements? Or did you submit the order and seller is late with his delivery?


after debiting the payment successfully it redirected to page & it keep showing a message which is " We’re working on it

We’ll email you once your order is ready.

so this is’s old payment handling system therefore they could not start the order till now.


So you need to contact CS:


done, but they are sleeping.


Well we can’t do anything either I’m afraid.

Your support ticket will have given you an estimate of the wait time - usually a day or so. They will get back to you.


Once you contact CS, they usually take anywhere from 24-48 hours to respond. They’re not “sleeping”. That is their usual response time.


This really sounds like a seller issue more than a Fiverr issue, but either way it does not matter. If your order hits the deadline for delivery and you don’t get what the seller offered, you’ll get a refund. That’s how the system works which is quite fair.


you have not understood it.

it’s fiverr’s own technical problem they could not start the order till now, they just eaten money keeping in their account for days & then what next ? Refund & try again.


You should contact with the support team and write you problem to them and they will able to resolve everything
Fiverr support team always with us!!


It could be a technical problem but it’s not a common one or we’d see it mentioned on the forums often. I am not sure how you come up with Fiverr “eating money” since you’ll get your refund. Sorry this happened to you, it’s an odd glitch. You’ve also contacted Support during the holidays so it makes sense that they might be a little slower during a time when USA offices would have closed for a few days.

If you want to try again, just get your refund and do so. If you think Fiverr is bad and that you won’t get a great value (the main reason people buy on Fiverr) then you can always ask for your funds returned to your bank account and then obtain the service you need from a local agency or elsewhere. Best of luck and happy holidays. :fireworks: