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Order problem in my new gig

Hello, Everyone I am a new seller in Fiverr. I am got 2 order in the buyer request 2nd day. 1 buyer give me 5.0-star review and feedback: Delivered what was requested. 1 buyer does not give me any review. And now I am not get any order in Fiverr. Please tell me here are my problem and why I am dose not get any order.

@garaphicx98 Please STOP suggesting people to violate the ToS. What you said (asking for a 5-star review) is absolutely against the ToS.

@graphic_world5 I wouldn’t listen to what @garaphicx98 said as it can get you into a lot of trouble and it can possibly get your account suspended. Abide by the ToS and stay safe.

Good luck!

I am sorry if this is against ToS.i don’t know about this :relieved:

But i need to know, what should seller do when a buyer get the work and do not left a review?as it make lot of troubles for new sellers because when they don’t get valueable review they can’t proceed!
need your suggestions please :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, sellers do not have the right to a review after the completion of each order. It is up to the buyer if they want to post a review or not.

After completion of an order, the only thing that is rightfully the seller’s is the money they earned from the order… nothing else.

I understand how annoying it can be if a buyer doesn’t leave a review but, sadly, there is nothing a seller can do about it. When a buyer doesn’t leave a review, it is not a good idea to annoy them by asking them for a review because the buyers already get asked by Fiverr not once… but TWICE! to leave a review.

Also, asking buyers to leave a review could annoy them and could end up making them leave a bad review.

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thank you.
it is annoying not leaving a review for new sellers espacially!

Thanks for the update.

Hi,u only can say to clients.if u like my work please rate it.