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Order problem on Fiverr!

It’s been 3 or 4 months I’m working hard on my Gigs on Fiverr but I didn’t get any order yet.
And I’m loosing faith in my profession now…I was good until I joined Fiverr and also believe in my work but now I’m afraid of bad reviews from customers as they might not like my work or etc :pensive:


Sorry to hear that. Be patient. Also you should prepare yourself before selling your services. Otherwise you will get bad reviews if you can’t be able to satisfy your client. You can follow these tips bellow.
Promote your gig to social media networks.

Read the forum’s tips

Send the buyer requests

Use the correct tags and topics

Stay online with your account

Last but not least here is an awesome topic topic on it. Hope it will help you.

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I hope,
Thank you!

Prior to being eligible for a bad review, you first need to get an order, so let’s focus on that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your Gigs are placed in highly competitive categories. It may be worth trying to further specialize your Gigs. Maybe some special Gigs for certain Social Media Graphics (Instagram Banners, YouTube Banners,…)?

Additionally, I advise removing the UPPERCASE in your description.

Reviews are everything on Fiverr, and since you do not have any reviews, you have to offer something very special and unique. For example offering a YouTube Package including a Logo for the Channel, a YouTube Banner and an Ending Screen for $5. Maybe adding a YouTube Intro Animation for a few dollars more (if you can not do that yourself think of outsourcing).

And do always remember: just because you do not get orders on Fiverr does not mean you are not good at what you do.



Thanks for kind advice!
I’ll improve my gigs.