Order problem that cant see the order


i am seeing a order in my gig. but there is no order in my gig . so what can i do ?..



Do you still have an open order that wasn’t marked as complete?


hi! no … i dont have any order in my gig


Clear your browser, cache and cookies. If it’s still there it might be a technical glitch. You will need to contact customer support for assistance. Good luck :wink:


i was contact . but they didnot reply yet


There was a recent issue with the ticket system. You might want to try again. If the ticket is still there you can follow up on it instead of sending a new one.


i am not clear what you said


she means if you can see the message you sent in to Customer Support, you can create a follow up message on that. If you don’t see the message, you can create a new one. (This may be due to the Customer Support system having technical issues)