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Order Queue, gone?


Order Queue, gone? Am I just overlooking this, or have they actually removed the order queue? Maybe i’ll check when I am more awake. The order queue is very beneficial, and to remove it would just be silly.


It was on but they took it off last week again. It was such a useful feature for me.

I don’t understand why they took it off.


Yeah I noticed that change in Fiverr 3.0 too!

Will it be back or its gone permanently?


I am not a fan of that at all. It was a useful tool. Very tool.


I agree, a useful tool, hopefully it will be back. Quite honestly, I miss the old look of the site from a couple days ago, it was easier to navigate around. Also, if I saw someone’s queue was a little high, I anticipated the delivery date would be near the later end of the due date.


@dreamweaver8484 I also seemed to notice when I let my Queue fill up a bit, it seemed to actually encourage orders. Now I don’t have that option anymore. Not sure how buyers will react now, but honestly I think over-all most peoples sales will lower. On a side note, it does kind of put me on a bit more even of a playing field for some TRS but since they don’t have the queue to measure the appeal of the service, most users will probably choose the one with the bigger amount of feedback now.


I think it was a very useful feature too. Also, the gig extras have been removed from the main page. I don’t think buyers can see them now until they order. I guess now buyers will have to take time to look at the reviews so they can see who has a lot of recent reviews. This could help them determine the popularity of the gigs but it is going to hurt a lot of sellers, such as myself, since many of my buyers wait a week before they leave a review.


Reply to @victoria91: Nope, they’re still there. The extras that is. I actually kind of like how they changed that.


I like it gone - I’m pretty quick to complete gigs and noticed when I had 0 in queue, orders would be slower to come in so I’d delay orders to have ANY number of gigs in queue to seem “busy” - even though I am a lvl 2 seller with over 100 comments, people just were slow to order. Basically, the queue could work against or for a seller either way (ie. too many orders = lost customer)


I agree. Prefer that it is gone as well.