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Order queue limit doesn't limit at all


It’s the second time this happens to me.

I’ve put a limit on my orders and when I’m overbooked, it’s mentioned in the “My Gig” section. But it’s the second time already that a buyer orders twice (within an hour apart) while the limit was already reached with the first order. How can I avoid that? I’ve put the limit there for a reason just to find out it doesn’t work at all. I work full time during the day, which makes it very hard to have a lot of orders open at the same time.


The liimit doesn’t stop people from ordering, it’s just hide your gig from search. But if a buyer know your gig link, he/she can buy it.


That’s the thing… I’ve disabled that option. My direct link shouldn’t be active when I’m overbooked.


Contact customer support. Maybe it’s a technical glitch on your gig.


I don’t think it’s a glitch, I have also found this out recently when my limit was exceeded so I came to the same conclusion as @armer
I now just pause my gig when that happens.


CS can look into it. They might reset the gig for example. It doesn’t hurt to submit a ticket but of course it’s up to you.


Thanks for the suggestion.
But currently I’m on third page and still managing to getting orders and if I submit a ticket complaining to Fiverr about getting more orders, they might think “lets put him on the 19th page or 25th page and see if he complains then” :sweat_smile:


No that wouldn’t be the case. Overall you are reporting a bug. If you have not done it already, make sure your direct link is disabled. Good luck.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll contact customer support.