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Order Queue Problem

Hi All,

All of my orders are not shown in the dashboard. I can see the total number of sales in the sales queue, and the number shown is correct, but the details of the orders and remaining time in delivery is not visible.

Is anyone else facing/faced the same problem?


There is bug kindly contract customer support.

thank you I have contacted customer support

I’m getting this too :frowning:

Five or six orders in the last two days haven’t shown up on my Dashboard. I caught most of them by checking the notifications tab but one slipped through the net and is now registering as LATE. I’m very frustrated that this is damaging my reputation when it’s not a situation that I have created.

I have also contacted customer support and reported a bug. But the damage to my stats has already been done.

Same. I am quite frustrated. In the past two days my stats have gone down by 4% and I don’t even know why. The orders are due in a few hours but they are already showing up as late.

I let fiverr support know about the glitch. They told me the tech team is looking into the issue… 4 of my orders aren’t showing up in my to-do list, and I almost delivered an order late as a result. I hope they fix this issue soon! With as many orders as I can get, I count on my to-do list to keep myself on track! Otherwise, I’m wasting my time and quite possibly getting unfairly penalized for something that is out of my control. :confused:

I was told the same thing, but even the new orders that I received yesterday are not in the queue. It’s really frustrating as I have no idea if they are being marked late or not. If you notice when you open the sales queue to get a full view, the order delivery time will say e.g. about 5 hours ago instead of in 5 hours. So, I am not sure if due to the glitch orders that are not showing up in the queue are already being marked late.

I don’t think you get any penalties for late delivering. Please prove me wrong! :slight_smile: Except if buyer cancels the order if it’s too late to their liking, which they can do after 24 hours since deadline.

I have had some problems with deliveries on time and a few cancellations but the buyers who cancelled orders placed the orders again, however I am receiving significantly low number of orders as compared to before. So, I am pretty sure late deliveries affect the number of orders you receive.

Yeah, that might be true. But there could also be other reasons for receiving less orders than normally. One of the causes I’ve found is updating a gig, and orders might then stop temporarily or even permanently if the gig is no longer indexed afterwards. When was the last time you updated yours?

I updated it around 2-3 weeks ago actually and that’s when i started receiving less number of orders. All of my basic gigs were delivered within a day but I changed my delivery time? I also thought changing the delivery time is the problem, but if I update the gig again back to how it used to be, will it go back to normal?

Do you have any suggestions for me on how to fix this issue?

Sounds like that could be the reason then! Have you checked if you can find your gig in the correct category? Sounds like it’s no longer where it was before. Updating the gig again does not help in any way sadly. Only support can fix it, but it may take some trying before they investigate the issue fully and see that it’s unintentional.

I guess the bug is not noticed by many but surely it is present.

I have a bug in dashboard. There is always one order in queue even i have no active order.
It shows since 5 to 6 months. Can anyone help me please

hi, I am new seller and facing same problem I just got my first order and it is not showing on my dash board.
please someone help me. What should I do?

Hi there! :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you see your order if you go to selling ==> orders?

hi, the buyer sent me the attachment without any order number, after inbox reply

That isn’t an order - it’s just a message.

Please, never do any work until you get a proper order! :sunny:

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thank you offlinehelper .

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No problem - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: