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I’m new to fivver and have just completed my first few orders. Now I have Gig orders flying in and I’m wondering if there is a feature to turn off the gig so no one can place an order until I complete the other gigs people have ordered (without penalty or losing my current orders)?



Without penalty or losing current orders? Don’t think so. You could probably put it on vacation mode, but I don’t know how buggy it is at the moment. Vacation mode would automatically tell potential buyers when you’ll be back up and running, so probably your best option.

I’ve suspended my gigs before (I had two gigs up for two years, and my book trailer one was quite successful), but it wasn’t long enough for it to bring me down. If it’s just for a few days, you should be okay.

I’m sure others will weigh in with options too. :slight_smile:


The “safest” way for me is to change the delivery time for my gigs to something that’s long enough to help me get all my orders done, like 6-7 days, yet does not suspend the gigs from showing up in a search result. Then, every other day, I simply change the delivery time to a few days less and keep subtracting days for delivery until I can manage new sales. Good luck


One other way to more selectively “turn off” your gig is to suspend it. On your “My Gigs” page, over on the left end is a small empty box. If you click it, a check mark will appear, and at the top of the list of gigs three boxes will become live: suspend, activate, delete. Check all the gigs you’d like to temporarily suspend, then click on ‘suspend’.

Now, to be honest, I haven’t done that since Fiverr 3.0 started last month so there’s a possibility things have changed, but I’ve done that when I’ve had too many orders and needed to catch up. I was still able to deliver all the active orders and communicate with those buyers, nobody could see the gigs on the Fiverr site to order more, and any gigs I didn’t suspend, such as the slow ones, were all still active and ready to take orders. Then when I was all caught up, I activated the gigs again.

One warning on this: don’t suspend for long stretches or the gig will drop down in search results. But I’ve suspended for up to a week or 10 days without a problem. Putting your profile on vacation mode for too long will do the same thing.


hey i wish i had orders flying in like yours’ “-different strokes for different folks so they say”… anyway you can always suspend your gigs till when you are able to adjust, extending your delivery time also help at least you are now a level 1 seller