Order Rate Decrease


Hello Buyers and Sellers!
Few days back, a buyer ordered a project and I provided him the first custom order.
Right after 12 hours, the buyer told me that he had experienced some loss in this business and he won’t be able to purchased and asked me to cancel the order.
I contacted Fiverr support team and at the same time he opened a dispute . He was poking again and again to return the funds and I accepted his request to refund. He wrote that there isn’t any problem with my work or anything, he is just experiencing some loss and that’s why he needs his money back and he will come later to return the money when he can.

Due to this, my order completion rate dropped off from 100% to 88%. I asked customer support and they said they can’t manually update anything, the system is all built.
I don’t completely agree with this. What should I do now? What’s our mistake?

Today, my order completion is dropped off from 88% to 84% and I haven’t received any order or haven’t even canceled any order?
I’m a Level 1 Seller and never experienced such things.


Sorry for that i’m a new seller here. I Don’t know any thing about that.
but I think you can ask experienced users on Fiverr.
*my opinion.


If you have very few orders that affects your rate. It is just how it is.


You can try to get more clients and sales and thus improve your completion rate by reading what Eoin has to say in this thread.