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Order Rating by customer support


If a buyer sends us a cancellation request. And we will contact customer support. And Customer support finds the seller to be right. And force the buyer to complete the order.

Even then buyer can give us a negative rating or not?


CS cannot and will not force a buyer to complete an order. They will tell you to work it out with your buyer.

That said, why does your buyer want to cancel?


But why CS will not support the seller if he is right?

My buyer said me to remove the vocals from a song and I successfully did it but he is still not willing to complete the order. He wants to cancel it. I have consulted experienced audio editors sellers of Fiverr and they told me that it is the best and cannot be improved more.

IF you’ve done the order to the specifications of your gig, your requirements, and the order page, just decline the cancellation. If the buyer demands a revision, redeliver the same work you’ve already done.

Not here on the Fiverr forums, you haven’t. (Welcome, by the way.)

No he wants to cancel the order. The delivery is perfect and cannot be more improved. I think he is just cheating.

Decline the cancellation. Say ‘no’.