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Order refund and cancel threads from buyer

Hi everyone, Thank you for coming and reading my forum.

A few days ago, I got an order from a ******n client send me an order, before I send him a custom order offer, I send him my work which he liked and asked me to send me an offer for the project.

I send him the offer and he accepts the offer and we start doing work.
He used the word " logo animated " in which I told him I will do an illustration or logo design. Whenever i send him my work and delivery him, he adds a new feature to it.

Like first he said

  1. make the image clear
  2. then he said to use the scales of his body (image client provide)
  3. I draw from scratch and he said I don’t want to proceed with you
  4. after 4 hours he said I want to refund my money
  5. 1 day ago, he came and tell me to add a cartoonish effect I like it.
  6. so day by day he starts adding new things to the task and getting revisions again and again.

Now, I worked for him for 5 days and he is saying now cancel the order I want a refund or cancel the order, you’re a good designer but that’s not what I m looking for.

Now should I send him an order and refund his money or should I report to the support team because he gave me 3-star feedback and said to me to give me the money back?


Personally I believe that if a customer has accepted the work and give you feedback they then have absolutely no right to ask for ther money back. If this ever happens I politely let them know that they are more than welcome to take it up with customer services as the buyer has already accepted the delivery.

The only problem with this is the secret feedback which has been introduced which then asks how happy the buyer was with the way you handled yourself through the entire work delivery. This can negatively impact your rankings (not ratings) and is always worth thinking about.


surely i will think about this, Thanks

Oh man… something tells me that you just got scammed and judging from all the horror stories I’ve read Fiverr won’t do anything to help you and they will give the money back, even if you have done all the work. If that buyer will contact support for a refund, he will probably get it and it will affect you negatively even more as algorithm will push you further down.

I understand that not all sellers are saints here but Fiverr needs to step up their game and actually start helping their honest and proven hard working sellers…

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i m so worried now, but hope for the best

Good luck buddy, I hope your outcome won’t be as negative as the stories I’ve read here.

It’s easy to build a negative image about Fiverr support as most people are posting their complaints and bad experiences, rarely someone will praise support for their right work.

Anyways… good luck!

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