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Order Rejection - The Popular Scam for Free Labor


A buyer purchased one of my telemarketing gigs. The buyer asked me to contact a list of 21 companies and find out what the procedure was for someone to request permission to use that company’s logo on a personal website.

I made the calls and found out the information. I typed up a report. I delivered the report to the client a day and a half before the deadline.

The client rejected my order less than 5 minutes after I sent it and requested modifications. The modification was that they wanted me to actually get a copyright release from each of the 21 companies to allow for them to use all 21 company’s logos on their website. I wrote back saying that was not possible for me to do because I would have to have access to their personal contact information which Fiverr will not allow us to exchange. I sent the original report back to the client along with a detailed list of what I could and could not do.

The client again requested a modification and wanted the impossible. Finally, after almost 20 requests for modification, the buyer requested a cancellation. The end result was the buyer got the information they asked me to find and did not have to pay for it.

I figured that was a one time thing and didn’t let it get me down. Then, a buyer purchased one of my writing gigs. I wrote the stuff and delivered it ahead of schedule. He requested a modification because he changed his mind about what he wanted. I delivered that modification. He requested another. Then, I discovered the original story I had written self published through CreateSpace and being sold on Amazon. Shortly, after I discovered that, the buyer asked for a cancellation. Now, he’s got both stories (the first one and the modification ) up for sale. Because of the cancellation, I never received any payment. I contacted Amazon and CreateSpace but they both said there isn’t anything they can do, unless I get a lawyer and take him to court. If a judge rules that the stories are mine, then Amazon will take them down.

I looked for an attorney, but can’t afford to hire one because they are so expensive. I decided to represent myself in court. I went to see about filing a court case. Another problem. The court fees are more than I can afford. So, the guy got away with it.

I just got scammed again, this morning. The buyer had asked me to do five hours of telemarketing for his video business. I called a lot of businesses and got him a lot of new sales. Then, he requests a modification saying that he turned down those sales because they weren’t big enough and wanted me to call more leads. I tossed in another two hours and got him 18 more sales. Then I delivered the modification. Then, surprise, surprise, I find out the guy did not turn down any of the original sales.

There is nothing I hate more than working for free. There seems to be no protection for sellers on here against scammers. It looks like a dishonest buyer can just request a bunch of modifications even if there is nothing wrong with the delivered work and then finally request a cancellation in order to get out of paying for it. I contacted Fiverr’s customer support but they basicly said there was nothing they could do about it. It was up to the buyer to decide if my work met their expectations or not.

I have run into a few buyers on here who are honest and actually pay for my services that I enjoy working with. However, the increasing number of scammers has me worried.


Sorry to hear about your stories… Can’t stand when things like this happen. The only thing I would’ve suggested was to not issue the cancellation. I would’ve kept declining it. Then maybe take it to CS to let them know you did everything that the buyer had requested. If you did the work, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get paid for it.

If you don’t fight back, they’ll walk all over you. Unfortunately, there are buyers on here that like to take advantage of sellers.


Definitely, definitely, definitely contact customer service again. Like…immediately. Include screenshots of the client’s original request, and then the repeated rejections where he did not ask for a modification but rather an entirely different project (or was unhappy with the amount of sales you brought him).

If the buyer changes the parameters of a project after you do the work, it is not grounds for rejection and cancellation. They are obviously just trying to get free work. Consult here:

Personal preference is also NOT grounds for rejection. If they say that again, send them this link from their own support page. Provide proof. You did the work, you deserve to get paid. Like est1990 said, you have to fight back. Customer service will (hopefully, they have in the past, and say they will in that link) side with you, because those buyers are being unreasonable.


As far as Amazon and CreateSpace saying you need a lawyer, they either lied or you’re leaving out something.

Assuming you can prove that you are the original creator of the work(s) - you should have the documentation in your Fiverr account - you have protection.


Cant imagine you are putting so many hours into this work and not getting paid for it. My heart goes out with @peggysuegeorge


I can’t believe that they would do all of that over $5 or for whatever extra gigs they bougt. There’s been times where I wasn’t completely satisfied with something I bought here and I would never have thought to cancel because I know that the person did in fact spend their time on the product and I at the very least want to pay them for their time.

Even if it wasn’t ALL the information that he wanted, you still got him some info that he could’ve worked with and I’m sure was well worth the price paid.

I’m sorry for your loss and hopefully it won’t happen again.

On another note, I just checked out your page and may be interested in your services at the beginning of the year. I just saved your gig. :slight_smile:


I just checked out your VA gig and may be ordering that one shortly. You have a lot of great reviews. I don’t why these people are trying to scam you.


There’s always TWO sides to every story. She just called me a “scammer” which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Check out this post about me and my response. I think that maybe the problem is her:


Reply to @theurbantwist: STOP spamming the forum with your story. Again, STOP SPAMMING. 1 post is enough.


Reply to @cheezees: I get your point but this isn’t called spam, lol. And I only posted ONCE here regarding “my story”. Look at the dates.

But I am done with it and want you to have a happy holidays. You won’t see any more posts from me regarding this. I’ve expressed myself enough, lol.


Here is one way to prove copyright. Start a private blog. Blogger is fine. Make sure it displays the date and time you publish. When you write something, publish it on the blog before you attach it for the buyer. Then if any copyright issues arise, immediately file a DMCA notice with the place it is published and send them credentials to log in to your blog to see the post with the date and time. Trust me, they will take it down.

dsaldridge said: Here is one way to prove copyright.

That might help if whoever you're dealing with doesn't want to put out much effort, i.e. scares easily. Unfortunately, it's not valid proof legally. Date and time stamps can be altered, and depending on the work itself, you may be violating your 'contract' by publishing work you created for someone else.