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Order request to extend time will heavily affect ranking?

Hi everyone, I’m Michael :smiley: I’m pretty new in Fiverr. I’ve started on Fiverr 1 year ago and have been reading many posts in this forum to learn from your valuable experiences, and there is one thing I always remember when I work here: Always try my best to support to my clients, to satisfy them to avoid cancelation or bad reviews. But this week I have this case:

1 client contacted me and told me to play the song for him. I was ok but he told me to try the demo first. I was too, then I spent 3 hours working with him only on the demo (for free). After 3 hours, he was temporarily Ok with the demo and then asked for a price for 1 day delivery. I told him the price for the urgent 1 day delivery but he said too high, then I agreed to reduce the price for him cos he said that he was not working because of Covid.

The order started, then next day I delivered him, but he said my delivery didn’t meet his standard. I was very open and told him I could modify for him cos he had revisions. But he said maybe that song was hard, so he did not need revisions but he told me to play another TWO SONGs for him (for free). I was ok cos I considered them as the revisions instead and to satisfy him.

The problem is, then he made an Order Request to Extend the delivery time (so I can deliver the 2 new song). This is the first time I do this, so I just accept that (9 hours ago), and then today I see the statistic, all the impression dropped down to Zero. I was very shocked about this cos I thought only canceling affects heavily like that. Now I’m really sad so I decide to cancel the order, cos my ranking already dropped anyway, and I feel like I’m just a stupid person in this case. I already requested to cancel and wait for his accept, I also wrote to him I’m very sorry for this.

Now I learn a lession I am too wrong in the case: 1 - spend too much time for the FREE demo. 2 - Reduce the price for a so much work load and urgent delivery. 3 - Still accept to make 2 NEW SONGS for free (it can be called 2 totally new order). 4…

I just want to share with you here, and I also want to confirm that is order request to extend time will affect ranking like that? And what about order canceling? Does it harm so bad? How can my ranking recover from this? And also please share your experiences when facing this case, I really appreciate every opinions from you.

I’m sorry for writing so long :smiley: I wish you all the best and stay safe :slight_smile:

Fiverr has a glitch were it shows your statistics at zero for one day but tomorrow it will show you a real number of impressions for that day.

Your delivery time doesn’t play a big role after you delivered your first delivery on time. After that it doesn’t affect your stats.


Hi Maria

Thank you for your comment. But I think it’s not a glitch, it realy affects badly. Cos today I try searching for my gigs with keywords, it shows me at the very last page, meanwhile it often appears in the first page before :frowning:

Yeah I delivered on time, and it’s nearly 3 days so it will be auto marked complete, so he have to request a revision or make a order request to require me keep working. So I guess the his Order Request to Extend the Delivery time make my rank drop right? Because that action is in orange color (please see my attachment) so I think it should be bad?

Come back to me tomorrow when it will show real impressions. :wink:


Thank Maria :smiley: But I want to ask is that Order request (orange color) really harmful to the ranking? Could you advise me what should I do now? :frowning: Continue to make the new songs for him for free? Or cancel the order?