Order requirement


Buyer ordered but not give requirement and delivery date finish this is an bad effect only for seller because need cancel order or decrease on time delivery time. Have any solutions for this ?


contact customer support and tell them definitely it will works. thanks


@multi_tdesigner They said cancel the order. But if cancel order then bad affect on my profile


There’s no way to get around that - it’s going to affect you. All cancellations do now - even those initiated by the buyer OR CS.

Sorry that happened to you. Happens to me too!


ohhh so sad bro try to contact the buy. this is the only solution now.


But fiverr will not do anything for us? @socialhonor


Tried but buyer not reply me @multi_tdesigner :disappointed_relieved:


Unfortunately no. When it happened to me, they told me “all cancellations affect the completion rate…”


But it’s not our fault. So why we will affect? @socialhonor


you think we should request fiverr for solve this problem @socialhonor


It’s not our fault, but right now they won’t fix it… it still affects us bad.
Hopefully at some point that changes.