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Order requirements left blank. Now what?

So two days ago, a brand new client (according to Fiverr, it was his/her first day on the site) ordered a $400 order. But where they should have attached a script for voiceover work, they wrote “null.” I have messaged him three times and put in for an extension. They haven’t responded to any of these requests.

So … what do I do? I’ve considered simply voicing the word “null” and delivering it. But that seems like a jerk move.

BUT … I’m stumped for a solution here. Any advice? What would YOU do?

This is very bad advice! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Any seller who delivers a blank product is in danger of losing their gig and or being banned from Fiverr. :flushed:

Go to the resolution center. There you can request a time extension. Do not do as @xuntes suggested. you could get in big trouble if you so! :hushed:


Yeah don’t do this…

Get an extension and keep trying to contact the buyer. If after some time you can’t contact them then you may want to have it canceled.


I can’t get an extension without their response, though. And while I CAN cancel it, as @xuntes points out, that affects ME. I have 20 hours left.

keep contacting the buyer.

Also send anyway the extension request, maybe they can answer in this time.

weight what will do the less impact with your account. Completion rate, deliver on time or rate.

Losing your account will affect you more! :flushed:


If you are sending an empty delivery to your client you are indeed putting yourself at risk here.

Numerous sellers have received warnings or were even banned for an empty delivery.

@xuntes Please stop encouraging others to break TOS.

Maybe the attached script didn’t go through during the order process? Sellers and buyers have been complaining about missing messages or missing attachments lately.


Indeed, @annai80, I’ve had this problem myself numerous times.

And to clarify, I wouldn’t deliver nothing. I’d deliver an MP3 with the word “null.” Because that’s what they wrote where the script should be attached. I can’t see how that could possibly be a ToS violation. This isn’t what I WANT to do. I WANT to get the full script and deliver the order. But I’ve had no response from the buyer.


Thank you everyone for your responses.

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I was referring to the above.

Question answered. No new replies are needed. Issues should be worked out with the help of customer support.