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Order Requirements Not Entered


Hi all!

If one receives an order but the buyer sends no order requirements, even after nudging, what happens when the timer runs out? There is no deliver button (I have already worked out the details with this buyer) so I cannot send in any work. By the way, this order is marked “Incomplete” under the “Active” orders tab.

Is it better to cancel or send in the delivery late? Could the buyer exploit this by sending me the requirements late and then immediately opting to cancel the order? Would cancelling an order negatively affect the amount of times my Gig is shown on Fiverr? Is it possible for buyers to see a cancellation rating?

Thanks in advance!


If you receive an order with no instructions, there is no timer starting or running out yet, because the order is “incomplete”, meaning the timer cannot start until your buyer provides the requested instructions :wink:

There is also no late delivery issue if an order is incomplete, because again no timer will start until you receive the instructions.

The buyer has nothing to exploit in this case… sending the instructions at a later time will simply make them wait more because of their own fault. As soon as they give you the instructions, your timer will start. IF, again: IF the buyer sends the instructions after a few days and they wants to cancel because “it took you too long”, then you should explain them how the platform works and that it was their fault, not yours, for not providing your instructions on time and for not responding back to your nudging. If they get angry, call out to CS and explain the situation, CS can even contact the buyer in some extreme situations :wink:

There’s also no reason to cancel, yet… if that order remains incomplete for a year or so, then you can request CS to cancel it (I’ve had orders remaining incomplete for 2-3 years!)

And finally, cancellation rate is not visible on gig pages or profile pages, it’s for your eyes only and for Fiverr’s internal eyes.

P.S. you could try, however, sending them a message via Fiverr Inbox and ask them if there’s something you can help them with, and remind them that they haven’t provided the info you need to start their order.


Great and thank you for the thorough and fast response!

Wow, that’s crazy! Haha


When an order is incomplete, the timer doesn’t read
But, once the the order is completed
The timer begins


You mean when the order is started/activated the timer begins, right? Because an order is completed only after you deliver and thus the timer stops.


Yes, when the order start


but “DUE ON” on time is running