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Order Requirements Vanished [Problem Fixed]

None of my orders are allowing me to see the order requirements. I have refreshed several times and used an alternate browser. Nothing works. It was fine a couple of hours ago!

I really need to be able to work right now. Anybody else having this problem? Or just me?

Mod Note: This issue has been reported by a wide number of users in different locations. As with any bug, if it causes you to be late on an order, let your client know and contact CS.


Do you get orders emailed to you? If so, the emails normally include the requirements. If not, now may be the time to set it up.


I just received a writing order and the requirements have disappeared. I also just heard from a buyer who wanted to leave a tip but the only option was GDP (UK Pounds) even though we’re both in the USA.

Sounds like some mid-week bugs are popping up.


Oh, thank you, I thought it was a problem with my internet connection or something. Thank goodness everyone has this issue.

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You can view order requirements on Fiverr App :slight_smile:


In that case it is possible to get the Drive app and then export attachments to Drive/email and then download them on your computer

Yup, same here. Plus, for 2-3 minutes, it showed a wrong ‘due-time’.

On another note, this will probably mean that i will pull an all nighter… oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Same problem here. I need to deliver the order fast cause, my delivery time is so close :frowning: hope fiverr will solve this problem ASAP! thanks

Getting same issue everywhere.
Hope Fiverr will Solve this query in a short period of time.
Fiverr app is the best option to check , if urgent

The Fiverr app is working fine, and yes, they are in my email! Hallelujah!

Thank you for your reminding me about the unbuggy alternatives, @turnkeyz and @paulmaplesden


I’m facing the same issue too, I can’t find the order requirements :confused:

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Have heard that the issue is being worked on but no fix time yet.

App isn’t a full fix, as I need to download and work on attachments provided in the gig requirements.

This will work for it

I am also experiencing the same problem. Hope the Developers fix the bug quickly, as I have so many pending campaigns.

Should be fixed now!

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Working Fine now.:smiley:
Good to see that

Thank you so much! :smiley:

It seems like the fiverr website is working fine in that respect, but I’m not seeing any requirements on the app, which is distressing. With being out of town the next few days, I can only work from my phone. If I can’t see any of the requirements, then I cannot complete my orders. I see that some people are saying things are working properly on their end now. Hopefully that good luck catches up with me soon as well!

Also, oddly enough, I can see the gig requirements for some orders on the app. Just the ones I received today. I’m unable to see all the other ones. :confused: