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Order Requirements - voice over help!

Greetings! I have an on-going issue and hope to gather some ideas on how to solve it. I am a voice over artist - when someone places an order I have in CAPS - attached your script TO THIS ORDER even if you’ve sent the script to me in previous messages. It’s AMAZING how many people still do not attached a script and simply put - as discussed.

There are two issues with this. 1) I have to go back and forth between the order and the messages to gather scripts and 2) sometimes clients go through script changes… it’s so much more secure for THEM if they attached the final version to the order. This is becoming a larger issue because I am getting a fair amount of work now.

Is there a way to force the system to take an attachment or etc? So that people cannot place an order without a script?


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Hi there!

Yes, in your order requirements, you can add a field for ‘please attach your script’, set it to ‘attached file’ and then tick ‘answer is mandatory’.


Ahhh - there it is!! Brilliant. Thank you.

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