Order requirements


Hi there guys. I have recently made an order on Fiverr, but before the developer can go ahead there is a requirement for me as the buyer to update information that is required to set up the website.

The prompt allows me to type etc, as well as attached a file. But, only lets me attach a file in one of the areas which requires information. Then, when I go to update the requirements at the bottom green tab, it comes up with an error ‘This is a required question’.

But, when I try to attach a file it does not allow me.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Can you take a screenshot of the problem please ?


You can simply write the text and click submit button. If not works then share a screenshot for better understanding.


Hi fabiokruger5,
I got what you say. I think you already ordered a gig and there is waiting to send the instructions.
if you have text instructions then just write and send or if you have file then press attachment button then send.

If profile reload it and try again! Last option is taking support ticket.