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Order Revenue notation

Why do I have several order revenue notations on older gigs?

I thought after three days the gigs were automatically marked as paid.

I am not sure what you are asking however, yes, orders are autmarticlly marked as complete after 3 days without a review being provided.

Thanks. In the app under REVENUE some orders are marked Funds cleared and others are marked Order Revenue.

I can’t tell for sure which orders are paid. I thought Order Revenue was for orders that are in the process of being paid and Funds cleated are for orders where the money has been released to me.

It’s confusing.

Maybe this article from Fiverr will help, it even has a video that explains the Revenue page:

My phone app has a filtering function, Cleared shows the funds that are already cleared and can be withdrawn and Pending Clearance for those that still need to clear. I rather look at the desktop version, though, for seeing it all at once and with the clearing date.

Orders are marked as completed after 3 days, or after the customer marked them as completed, but the clearing period from that point on is still14 days.

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Thanks for the video but it didn’t address my question. I have a designation on my earnings screen (laptop and app) that no video address. Please see the attached picture.

What does the term - Order Revenue mean? Has that order been paid?

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Order Revenue is when you sold a gig to a client (When the client pays Fiverr to put their money into Hammerspace until the order is marked complete or canceled), Finds Cleared is when the funds clear, which is 14 days after the order is completed.

Thank you! I have never heard of Hammerspace. I have googled it and find nothing. Is that a typo? Is your reply a joke?

I have several jobs CURRENTLY marked as Order Revenue and it is past 14 days. .
How do I get paid?

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This should be able to explain Hammerspace for you.

If you have any amount of money in Funds Cleared, that is the amount that is currently available to be withdrawn, you can withdraw the money via Paypal or Payoneer. The options should be available under the amount that is available to be withdrawn in the Earnings menu. Also, it will be available 14 days after “funds pending clearance.”


Please I’m not squinting to read any of that. It has nothing to do with Fiverr or my issue.

Please do not reply anymore unless you have answers that lead to a resolution of my issue.

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I did answer your issue quite well, as well as explained to you why I used the term “Hammerspace.” I am sorry if you didn’t like my answer, but I am not taking it back or apologizing for saying it.


Also, if I can be blunt, you said this link here did not answer your questions:

It says right here: "Order Revenue: This is revenue from an existing order. Once the order is completed, another entry will be created for PENDING CLEARANCE.

Funds Pending Clearance (PENDING CLEARANCE): This is revenue from orders, which is pending the 14-day clearance period (seven days for TRS).

Funds Cleared (CLEARED): This is revenue from orders, which has been cleared for withdrawal. If you performed a withdrawal, these amounts will still appear in the list.

If you have available funds, in the WITHDRAW field, you can click PayPal Account to withdraw to your PayPal account, Fiverr Revenue Card to withdraw to your Fiverr credit card, Bank Transfer to transfer money to your local bank, or Direct Deposit, which is only available in the U.S."

Is there anything else you need?

Thanks I read that link before posting.

In typical Fiverr fashion the explanation is incomplete. I have a completed order from Sept that is showing Order Revenue but no corresponding Funds Cleared.

I need to have that resolved.

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Sounds like you’d be best to contact Customer Services

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you need something resolved within your account, contact Customer Support. We, here, on this forum, are NOT Customer Support. We cannot fix things like this.

Please contact the people who can actually address (and perhaps fix) this for you,


Yeah I have done that. Fiverr support isn’t very good. I’m sure you know this.

Also the Forum IS a place to get answers. People who have dealt with similar issues, share answers all of the time. So that’s the other reason I posted in the forum. If you don’t have the answer or are frustrated because I am unable to find an answer, do not reply.

But the forum is a place to get answers and people use it as such daily.

Aye - that’s true, but when it comes to money, CS are the only ones who can really help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, none of us can physically go into your account and try to figure this out, so all we can do is answer via experience. If you are having funds are in your account and are not paid to you, then nobody can help you but Customer Support. It sounds like a bug.

It also doesn’t help that you are being unnecessarily vague.

If you are asking why there are many things that say “Order Revenue” in your Earnings page, then they will not go away. they remain on your account forever because that’s how the Earnings page works.


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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

We are just trying to help you. I don’t understand why you are being so abusive to people who trying to understand what you need. If you can’t handle people trying to understand your issue, then why come to a forum to begin with?