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Order revenue problem

So I went to look at my earnings and I know that order revenue shows on new offers that you’re working on, but in my dashboard it says Order Revenue next to orders that I’ve completed a month ago and the funds are not available cause it never went to funds pending clearance. However, on my most recent orders, this didnt happen, or if it did, it said Order Revenue for only a few hours and then it went to Funds Pending Clearance.
I dont understand why this is happening or how it really works so if someone knows, please tell me :grinning:

Fiverr has a standard clearing period of 14 days before you can withdraw your funds. The clearing period is for financial processing and to ensure buyer satisfaction, and it begins once an order has been marked Completed.

in earning section it show when payment should be cleared .

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Hi, I had this problem not too long ago!

It was endlessly frustrating, as I had numerous people tell me about the 14 day clearing period which I already knew about, but my concern was with orders months old.

I found out it was just a simple misunderstanding. Orders that go to “Order Revenue” stay that way permanently as an entry on your earnings page, but once they’ve been cleared, the same order once cleared shows up as a new entry as “Funds Cleared” so it looks like the the original order (or the one that says “Order Revenue”) never cleared in the first place. So you end up with two entries for the same order, before and after the clearing period.

I hope this makes sense, I had plenty of back and forth with customer service before they finally explained this to me… honestly I think it’s a rather confusing way to do it and I think fiverr should change that so it becomes more clear about what status your order is in.


Ohhh okay. The whole thing is a bit confusing, but what you said makes sense.
Thank you! :smiley: