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Order Review Issue

Hi. I’m new on seller. I have a issue. I completed a order and due to lack of communication my buyer gave me 1 star. Now after order completion of we communicate and he is agree to change his review. Is their a way so he can change the review


I took at look at your profile page. This is the review you received:

“Did not listen to what I was asking for, actually stole somebody else’s website completely. Extremely poor service, would not use again.”

That doesn’t sound like a lack of communication at all.

Unfortunately, reviews are permanent. They cannot be changed. In addition, it is against the rules for you to even ask the buyer to change his review. Fiverr does not manipulate reviews, nor does it allow sellers to try to do the same. The buyer appears to have left an honest and truthful review. You will have to accept it, and move on.


Thanks Jon. Actually this review appear after 8 days of order auto completion. So technically it take 11 days for review. In mean while I didn’t send a message or receive a message. Now we talk to each other and I made few changes according to instructions. Now he can change the review. But my luck fiver didn’t allow to change the review.
Thanks for your reply :grinning:

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Buyers can review orders up to 10 days after the order is delivered. It sounds like the buyer was not ready to review your work until after a few days had passed. There is nothing wrong with this, as this is how the Fiverr system works.

Correct. Reviews cannot be changed. It is against the rules for you to ask for a changed review, since Fiverr views this as review manipulation. Let us hope Fiverr does not send you a warning for breaking the rules.


Thank you jon. I’ll be careful in future

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PLEASE don’t offer the service that you are not able to deliver. i think you have to sharp your skills… don’t change the review, change your work that your delivered.


Well Rizwan, I know this thing only accept that thing which you can deliver. Now we are about to start a new order.
Any how thanks for your advise.

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Yes this thing… this time give your best Review will be change…


So sad. Wishes good luck for next time.

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Thanks for best wish @babulahmed10

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