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Order review modify after review

After complete and order and buyer also rated.
Can the buyer change his review again

Yes but only once, within 30 days
If you are not satisfied with the review you may use the feature called “I have an issue with the feedback I received from the buyer” from Resolution center.

Remember this feature has eyes on it so make sure not to abuse it anyway :slight_smile:

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@jhallawalla Actually, no, the buyer themselves cannot change the review once they rated an order.

Only the seller can ask the buyer to change their review using the resolution form. But the buyer cannot do that themselves without the seller’s help.


If you’d like your buyer to change a review, you can do this through the resolution centre on the order page.

The buyer can’t change a review without you, as the seller, initiating the process.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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