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Order revision time and problem

I have delivered the order yesterday, completing the work of the client. But the client places the order in a revision to fix a problem. The order is now showing a one-day late.

Now what should I do? Will deliver again from Delivered Modified work? Or will i extend the delivery time from the Resolution Center?
Or can I cancel the order now?

Why would you cancel it?

I’m a bit surprised to be honest, I see you spent quite some time on the forum and we did discuss a lot orders late in the revisions.

But shortly: you wouldn’t not be affected if you made a delivery with a deliver button, it’s just a formality.


Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.
I want to cancel the order so that the client who gave the revision to fix the problem has not yet been fixed.
But let time is increasing.

dont cancel the order lady, i think you sould help him and may give you rise

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After delivering your services to the buyer on time, if the buyer again req for revisions, you can request for extended 1 day. otherwise, deliver again.

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Once you’ve delivered on time, that’s all that affects your stats.

Revisions running after delivery - despite the red flag! - do not affect your stats. Even though it looks like it does.

Do the revision, deliver it, don’t cancel


Thanks for your helping mind. I am not canceling the order.

Thank you very much for the valuable advice. Actually this is the first time I received an order revision so I did not understand.

Ok, Not cancelling the order. I learned a lot. Thank you very much.

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