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Order revisions

Hi! I have just got my first order and this may be a silly question but even tho there isn’t an option for “revisions” on my gig can I still offer this? Or will the order be final when I press deliver now?
Thank you


If you don’t provide revision and your client is fine with it that’s fine but make sure you provide what they want exactly as they requested.
Sometimes it happens that the revision is from sellers where they didn’t provide exactly as required but for me I don’t mind making minor changes if requested by the client.
You can charge for revision if you wish and your buyer agree with it. But sometimes not providing revision, the client will accept the order and the review will be unsatisfied and it will affect your profile and gig.

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Thank you! So I can say to a client something like “I’d be happy to look over it if you’re not satisfied” ??

I don’t want a bad review and I don’t mind doing this!

Sure you can say that to your client.
I usually tell my buyers to reach out to me if there’s anything they may need some corrections on and I would be happy to make the minor changes.

There was a client I delivered her project and she was happy that I offer to make changes if she would like to request on that and the next modification was placing another new order telling me to make changes on a certain part.


Perfect. Thank you that’s really helpful!

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You can keep it but dont keep much revesion. Afterward , buyer can make delay your payment order-completion by asking for revesion anytime.

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