Order says delivered but I can't see an image - using a mac, does that make a difference?


Am I doing something wrong or should the image the seller did for me be obvious to find on the page? The text says ‘here is your order’ but there’s nothing on the screen. No image or attachment as far as I can see. Can anyone help? Thanks.


Ask to modify the order


I have asked the seller, no reply yet.


If you’ve received no reply from the seller, you can request modification. The order will be marked as complete 3 days after the seller marked it as delivered, so you need to request modification before that. After you request modification, the seller will have to respond in some way.


There should be an attachment. Try contacting the seller.


Try asking the seller, maybe they simply forgot to attach the file when they delivered :slight_smile:


Usually there’s an attachment to download. I agree with doubleu, ask the seller about it, maybe they forgot to attach it, or there was a technical problem they’re unaware of.