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Order says its delivered but it is not


I got a email telling me that my order had been delivered but when i go check it is not there, then it got delivered again, still cannot see it, and then there was a issue with the message system aswell…? i saw that got resolved but i cannot see my order still even though its been delivered.

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I have the same problem. Email says order delivered however nothing there to review.


@xdfelgen @iamodin

Can you both contact Fiverr’s customer service about this bug because the buyers and/or sellers on this forum would not be able to resolve your problem?

Thank you


You need to ask the seller to deliver the order in the inbox as the order is being erased from the order page. Or they can send a link to the delivery using dropbox. It’s the seller’s job to make sure you get it. This is a bug on the site right now.


Contacted CS, hopefully it will be resolved, it still says the same thing. Have not seen the delivery yet as the seller hasn’t replied. Time to request possible revisions is running out.


I’m glad you’ve contacted them…