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Order selling tips

Hi Everyone, I request Everyone to visit my Gig and Please add to Save, Then I will also add your gig .

Why? :thinking:

Are you thinking you will get more sales that way? I know there are many gurus out there who claim that marking a seller’s gig as a favorite :heart: will increase sales, but that is NOT true! :roll_eyes:

It is best to not take to heart most of the advice given by these types of “How to sell on Fiverr gurus.”


Exchanging favorites is just spamming .It will not help you to get more sales/or rank up your gig .Suppose you have got 1k favorites on your one gig and you have one sale .Then what the buyers will think?.
So you should try to improve your gigs and profile. Send buyer request daily .Because I think this is the best method to get orders for newbies .
You can check fiverr tips category .You will get many tips there .Here is one tips for you.


Adding to what has been said, “save” is just that, for buyers to save gig(s) they have already purchased or would like to so, on future purchasing, they have them handy.


so what should i do for getting order?


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@jhakz1234 gave you excellent advice on how to get orders.

Here is some further info that may help.