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Order sent for a review but no response from the buyer

Hi everyone. I have completed the order and asked the buyer to review it and let me know if he wants any changes. But the buyer has not responded yet, and the submission deadline is fast approaching. Should I nudge the buyer or wait? Please help. Thank you.


If you have completed the order, never send it for review. (Depending what it is). Deliver it! People take advantage of sellers, they get a review and the try and opt out. If you have given revisions, it will then be safe to deliver. If the customers wants anything changed, he can ask for a revision.


Have you delivered your order to buyer through delivery button on order page ?
If yes, buyer would have 3 days of time to review your delivery, wait for buyer to setback to you !

If buyer don’t check it in 3 days and do nothing, your order will automatically marked as completed !


Thank you. I have delivered the order now. Let’s see.

I have now officially delivered the order. Waiting for a response. Thank you for helping!