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Order Showing on to do list after rating & No order but still showing 4 order ORDERS IN QUEUE


This is my new experience, May be 30days ago, my old buyer puts a positive review (Me too) but after then yet it still shows up in my To Do list as Rate buy, Today, I hide the notification using the option called Hide Buyer rating, But, It’s is still here. And another problem is: I have no order in Queue But the gig showing up, I have 4 Order in QUEUE, (Check screenshots)…

Can anyone help me how to solve, It’s may be a Bug, I have already tried a different browser, But still the same problem.


Same here, How to fix the to do list issue?


Honestly, I would be happy if my queue constantly showed orders even if I didn’t have any, it attracts new buyers. Only thing you can really do is send Fiverr a support ticket and wait it out. I’ve been having a lot of technical difficulties with their system too. Waiting back on a ticket i opened from the 28th and the longer they take the worse the issue seems to get.