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Order shows "Late" even though it was delivered way before the schedule?

I was out of Fiverr for a while and things have changed! But didn’t expect what I just experienced today.
As I have mentioned, I became active after couple of months, and started to take orders again. One of them was marked as late even I made the delivery after 6 hours of its starting time. The only reason is, the buyer didn’t mark the order as complete and it was in delivered queue. And, when the order automatically marked as complete, my Delivered on time dropped to 85% which won’t let me keep up my badge if I don’t get or do any more orders in rest of the season. Is it a new feature to force buyer to complete the order or just a bug on my analytics? I’m confused :unamused:


That makes no sense @n4y33m, sorry to say.

Once you deliver any order on time, the “late” notice doesn’t affect sellers in anyway. Being so, if your “On-Time Delivery Rate” dropped, it’s because you must have late delivered an order.

In any case, you can always contact CS and ask for them to see into it.


Yes, that’s right! The Delivered on time ratio shouldn’t drop the way it did! According to the order page, I delivered it way ahead of time but when the 24 hours time ended it showed late like this: image but I ignored it because I knew I delivered it in time. But when the order was automatically marked as complete and ratio dropped, it amused me. That’s why I posted the thread to have a query, and ofc I did contact CS too…

No, @n4y33m. What makes no sense, is you saying your On-Time Delivery Rate dropping because of the “late” notice, despite you delivering ahead of time. That’s simply not true.

Again, if your On-Time Delivery Rate dropped, it was because you might have delivered late any other order.

Now you say your Order Completion Rate also dropped… That means you didn’t deliver the order, which, besides dropping your On-Time Delivery Rate, also leads to a cancelled order and a 1* review for late delivery.

Good! They are the only ones who can exactly tell you what is happening.

If you don’t mind, please keep us updated.

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I wonder how you judge people if they are telling the truth or not! Excuse me, but the thing is I’m not new here but the problem is, so I have posted under the site/bug section to know if anyone also experienced it . That doesn’t mean you can accuse someone as a liar!

It was a mistake while I was typing. I just mixed Delivered on time with Completion Ratio. Sorry for that!

I’m not judging you nor saying you’re telling lies. Please don’t put words on me I never said, and also try to comprehend what people write.

What’s not true, is your statement!

I’ll repeat:

"Late" notice DOESN’T affect the On-Time Delivery Rate IF you delivered on time!

Do you understand now? I hope so!

It’s OK. It’s even better, since now you got a complete explanation on how the metrics works!

Hi, I have the same issue. I delivered the order a few hours before time and it still says that the order is late. Since this is my first gig on Fiverr, I was just wondering if it affects my overall on-time delivery rating on my profile.
I have raised a ticket as well, though. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t affect my overall rating.

Me too face the same issue…my response rate dropped to such an extend because of this… i don’t know what wen wrong…raised a ticket,…let see.