Order Splitting Against Fiverr TOS ?!


Anybody tried this? I want to split my buyer order with multiple small orders (similar like milestones). Is this against Fiverr Terms and Conditions?


Some sellers do that to get more reviews, and in that case, it’s considered review manipulation.

Why do you want to split the order, and are you aware that it costs buyer more when you do that?


We can increase order completion ratio


That can be seen as manipulation, too. Or suspicious. It might be a good idea to ask Customer Support whether it’s allowed, they’re the only ones who can give you the official answer.


It can be a good idea to increase the rating and reviews…you can try this if buyer agreed…but yes you must consult this with CS…


It depends on if there is a good reason to do it such as it being a large order. If you want a lot of reviews it’s against the Terms of Service. It also seems very unprofessional to ask a buyer to do that.


I want to know your idea


I handled many large orders in past but never done splitting my one order to many orders…Do this only if it is needed to your profile…you can go with two or max. three orders and only if the buyer have no issue with this…Don’t go with various small order…because as @misscrystal said it looks unprofessional then and i don’t think buyer will review all of them.


No, do it only if it’s required to complete the order, not for your profile, and only if CS gives you a green light.

Doing this to improve the profile or analytics is considered manipulation and will result in account suspension.


I do that a lot. Either because the project will take more than 30 days to complete, or because it’s easier on my buyers wallets to pay a little at a time. Often both.


These are good reasons to split an order when it suits both buyer and seller.
Splitting average sized orders into small orders just so you can improve reviews/stats is manipulation and I have no doubt that CS would punish for it. Besides, it makes you look unprofessional and may cause the buyer to have to pay more for it.
Don’t do it.


What would happen if the buyer thinks your work is average or slightly above average?

Instead of

1 - :star: :star: or
1 - :star: :star: :star: or
1 - :star: :star: :star: :star:

You get 15 of them? Now your stats show 80% or 60% or 40%, ruining your business or getting demoted a level?


Yep, that buyer would then have the power to absolutely demolish the seller. Even say it was divided into 10 parts - if they gave 1-star on them all, it would take approx 200 5-star reviews to recover to a 4.8 rating! Good luck getting 200 orders with 10 negatives in a row!


So far i love to get larger order


Presently we have milestone option for orders above $100. In my opinion nothing wrong in splitting the orders if the buyer agrees. No one can decide the volume of an order. It completely depends on the buyer and his/her requirement.