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Order started, buyer did not submit the information, What should i do?

AOA Everyone,
I’ve got an order, Buyer directly placed the order and filled the requirements, “I can’t give you the login”,
Now the buyer is not responding, please suggest me something so my order completion rate will stay stable. Is there something we can do to avoid any profile reputation in cases like that?



You can contact CS saying that the buyer has not provided the login info and without it you cannot work on his/her site


You can make the requirements mandatory. That way the order don’t start 'till the buyer submit the requirements. That’s how I do it.
About this situation you have to contact CS or cancel the order.

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@tamarapereir397 Requirements are mandatory but the buyer just put “I can’t give you the login” and the order started. Its just a basic order and if i would cancel it will cause decrease in order completion rate.

oh :grimacing:
What the hell he expects you to do without that info?
That must be very annoying …

I once had to cancel a gig because the buyer bought the wrong one and haven’t affected my ratings that much… yes I dont have the order completion on 100 per cent but I still have it positive.
Contact CS, is the only way :expressionless:
I wish I could help you more.

Good luck


Thanks @tamarapereir397 for your help.

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Please contact CS and share them this issue as like the buyer Didn’t provide login access but without login access can’t do this work

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Thanks @web_jonayet, I hope they will help.

You can send a reminder to your buyer and extend your delivery time 15 days. You can find it on the order page…! And write buyer did not submit the requirements. So Then the buyer will get a notification from Fiverr and you don’t have to cancel your order.


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Thanks @smabul Sir…

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