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Order starts automatically without my approval. I would like to accept or decline before starting order

Hi everyone,
I hope everybody is well.

Today buyer place an order without discuss anything with me. He does not send any message yet. Just get up from bed and see new order running.
** He/she bought my basic package and wants premium features.
** Also does not provide me order requirement. Into order requirement box he wrote " Let me know if you have any questions" together with project detail.
I have requested him whatever I need, but not replay.
I hope buyer may be replay me and I will complete the order successfully.

Please help me anyone that how can I enable this option ( If exist this opportunity).
I want to accept or decline order. Only then orders will be start when I accept it. ( Because sometimes order may not match with my skill and may not cover expected budget according to project requirements).


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There’s no way to do what you are looking for.

The best workaround is to increase prices so nobody orders without speaking to you first.

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