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Order Stopped


I was getting 2-3 order daily. I tried to add packages and now not a single order is coming. I have removed packages but no improvement. I don’t know what happened.

This is my gig.

Help will be appreciated.


Orders don’t just come to you. This topic is like beating a dead horse. You have over 800 reviews, so that’s plenty of experience to diagnose your own issues. Question is what have you done differently to continue the lack of orders?

I don’t know what is happening about your gig but I’m experiencing a slow fiverr too . I usually had 4-5 purchases at day and now I have just repeater buyer , with not so many new requests . I really hope it is just a slow fiverr period .

Personally I haven’t experienced a slowdown. I’m not sure if it is a site issue or a category issue

same happening here, i was getting 1 or 2 orders daily, but after adding packages i am not getting orders, what is happening?