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Order support , need some order


new in fiverr , need order to work !
but can’t get order properly !


Tips which i can give you are :slight_smile:

Gigs which you have created, give proper title, description, rates with good English (Check other sellers to get ides of your same gigs type)
Send buyers offers properly with a good proposal each day (max 10 each day)
Social media marketing with proper method each day for some hours. (Do your research)
Other than all these just wait when all of this have been done you may get buyers.


sir i have done this all ready , but i can’t get result !


Hi, i am actually on a same page as you but with some orders done. You should be knowing who are new to some filed especially here will take time… some gets their orders after months…after 3 months… after 6 months also after a year due to various reasons. Keep doing this… and tell us here about your day when you have started so that we all may know. You also may know that we will not earn rapidly or a high amounts from the start will take time. Be calm …any give time here you will achieve it. Believe me i do know how we all sellers feel on this category. It does happen that we did all the good work from out side, either sometimes it not enough or just that they meaning the buyers got hold of some other person.


Also waiting for GIG order/s! :thinking:


you mean sir , i can wait more than 1 year for getting orders buyers !


it took too much time sir


I’m also thinking that Ma’am! :thinking:


i really don’t no ,
when i join it after 2 months i got only 3 orders at 5$
now i can not any order untill 2 months !



Welcome to Fiverr. I see you already have orders. Your gig images don’t look attractive. They are really dull.

Your videos are not showing what they should. for example, the best seller one for logos is showing something like a carpentry workshop. Instead of showing your reel of logos.

Also why are you not using a normal display picture, This is the one you are using

Plus the logos in your portfolio are not yours.

Your gig description needs better English.

I think you need to go through the forum and Fiverr academy. This will help you


can you tell me how did u show here gigs ?
and yes agree with what u said …
really she is using other image as profile pic lol… . show your own not others !