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Order System Glitches

I had a repeat buyer place a small order last week, but the system wouldn’t let them get past the requirements page. I tried to open the order from my end using the button, but the button wasn’t there. I reached out to support and they told me the buyer would have to contact them. He did, and the next day the order was cancelled because support wasn’t able to open it either.

Of course, the metrics think that it’s somehow my fault … :roll_eyes:

Such glitches have been an on-going problem for me. Recently, I had another repeat buyer trying to place a larger order to edit one of their novels and it wouldn’t go through. We both contacted support about the issue and they said they didn’t have a solution. The buyer tried multiple bank cards and PayPal, proving it was an internal issue.

She didn’t understand why we couldn’t leave the platform since Fiverr wasn’t enabling her to make the order through the system (she tried multiple times over the course of a week). For that reason, I lost a long-time repeat customer, and so did Fiverr.

I know Fiverr doesn’t like these glitches anymore than sellers do, but the switch to a monthly evaluation has made me much more annoyed by them. Fortunately, my completion rate is still above the threshold, but if these glitches get anymore common, it could pose an issue and I know a lot of other sellers are already suffering because of it.

In other words, it’s the same old rant…

Not all cancellations are the seller’s fault.


I have had more buyers (that I have NO QUESTION, at all… about being other sellers) order my gig, and cancel since this new level criteria has been put in place, than EVER before.

Just over the last few days…

One ordered my gig X 2, then asked to cancel one.

Another ordered my advertising gig - sent me an “ad” wayyyy too long for the platform, I post on. I asked him to extend delivery to correct his ad (my gig makes the required text/character length very clear, in the order process.) He agreed to extend … STILL didn’t submit the requirements - 7 hours before it was due, I asked for an extension again (so I didn’t have to cancel the order) he came back 1 hour before it was due, and declined the extension. I asked him once again for an ad… he didn’t submit one, I then had to ask him to cancel… (2 days ago) and he just came back NOW and agreed to cancel…

This whole time there was NO interaction, or from him to my queries at all…

Seems pretty clear, it was a game for him. And he’s a TOP rated buyer. Go figure…

I’ve heard an unfortunate number of stories like this (even before the monthly evaluations began) and I think the best course of action is to always report the buyer to the Trust & Safety team if you are suspicious. If support sees that they are regularly doing this (likely to multiple competitors), I’m sure action will be taken against them.


I insist this NO tolerance to us the sellers is punish…

Good idea! Because his behavior was suspicious to say the least. No hi, bye, thank you, etc… nothing.

You can try sending a custom offer to the buyer the next time that happens. That sounds so frustrating. You have my sympathy.
I can imagine times when these types of glitches could cause someone to lose a level.

That’s what I ended up doing for the most recent instance. :slight_smile: I sent a custom offer after support cancelled the order and I unchecked the “Ask for gig requirements” box (luckily that worked!).

Oddly though, I had a different repeat buyer purchase my gig this morning and he wasn’t shown the requirements page at all. The order opened instantly for him, although every other order placed today has come through normally (with the requirements page showing as it should).

Just more bugs. :smile:


:bug: :spider: :beetle:

We got this just last night. We had an order come through, but the notification (iPhone app) specifically missed out the ‘You have a new order and requirements’ - It just said “You have a new order from…”

When we looked at the order itself, the countdown clock had started, but there were no requirements. Our buyer thankfully used common sense and pasted his requirements into the order messaging system.