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Order Taking too long to complete and inactive seller


So i bought a service to make me a good shopify store for $125 and he promised me that it’ll be done in 5 days or even less.
But today it’s been 2 weeeks and its still not done and the seller is so hard to contact because he is offline most of the time.
Fiverr customer service is also bad, slow and unresponsive…
I need help :weary:


If the order becomes ‘very late’ you can cancel and get a refund.


But its like halfway done so i dont want to waste my 2 whole weeks of waiting just like that :sob::sob:i need that guy to go online now and finish what he’s started or AT LEAST answer my Dms


I had to close my store for this 2 weeks just to wait for him expecting great results and service and i have big plans to do with the website and i planned to do it right away with the website but turns out ill have to postpone it for some weeks :frowning:


it’s a really bed new :no_mouth:


But he has good reviews and he is 5-star seller but that makes me wonder… if that’s real reviews or not or people can just have bots to do Fake reviews???


Maybe he had an accident or in a hospital or has some kind of emergency.
Just guessing.



If the seller has a certain amount of time in which to complete the order, and has all the information needed to be able to complete the order, why not let them just get on with it? The time to worry is when the order is due and hasn’t been completed.

I hope that doesn’t happen, but unless the order isn’t delivered when it’s actually due, I can’t see any point in worrying about it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t think so…
He goes online at some point everyday and when he’s online i msged him and he didn’t reply


i feel it ,it’s really frustrating for a buyer :disappointed_relieved:


If the seller has all the information needed, as they should have, why would you need to keep messaging them? Maybe your seller doesn’t need, or indeed want to be messaged all the time?


What is the timeframe listed on the gig itself? If it’s 5-days then you may want to request a cancellation. It doesn’t sound ideal but right now things aren’t looking up especially if you have to postpone things.


Yes it says 5 days…
and if i cancel it then ill have to wait for the refund , find a new good seller, wait some more times


If the gig time has finished you’ve got 2 choices:

  1. cancel and get a refund
  2. wait for the seller to get back to you, but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening.

It seems your only realistic option is to cancel.


He also completed the delivery and said that but no its not done yet… btw he delivered that 1 WEEK AGO


So it was an incomplete delivery - please just cancel the order now. Explain to CS that the order was incomplete - Fiverr doesn’t like that sort of behaviour.

Please can you edit your screenshot? The seller’s name is visible.


Are you sure i should cancel it? Ive spent too much time on it and Fiverr support team is soooooo slow :sob:


And how do i cancel it? the order has been marked as completed


Oh wait i cant cancel it just like that ive even connected my domain to it


It doesn’t even make sense to mark the order as complete. You should have canceled it or requested a modification when the seller delivered it wrong. The seller broke the Fiverr ToS. It’s going to be difficult for you to do anything now and you may be forced to go through Support. Technically you have stated that you agreed it was completely done when you let it go to completion.

I am not sure anyone from the forum can advise you that much at this point. Support normally answers within 48 hours unless you create multiple tickets and they aren’t really that slow. I suggest that you try to talk with Support again or you may not be able to get the order done or get your money back.