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Order the right gig for the job

Some buyers surprise me, they want a review but order a gig for a Google Ad. They want entire paragraphs rewritten, but order a gig for headlines.

This is a mistake. Never assume that a writer does all kinds of writing. You wouldn’t hire Stephen King to write you a romance novel, nor would you ask a tattoo artist to proofread your resume.

There’s no reason to be confused. If someone sells “I will do a logo for $5,” I’m not going to assume he does book covers or Facebook page pictures. If I need something else, I will look at his other gigs. If I’m really desperate, I might message him (and I hate doing that since it’s annoying to both the buyer and seller) and ask “can you do this image in these dimensions?” Chances are he or she can, but why assume?

Hi Simon,
I agree with you on that. That’s why sellers end up with high cancellation rate.

Thank you.

May I offer a suggestion? I think your gigs would get more orders if you used actual gig images as oppose to your picture. For example, for website content you can do a screenshot of a word document with copy, or a website.

For About Us, a picture of a page like that with the words About Us and maybe pictures of some people.

If you don’t have Photoshop, use picmonkey for editing. If you need free stock photography, just google that and borrow pictures that relate to what you do, such as computers, typewriters, even a pencil. Or take the pictures with your smartphone and upload them to your computer.

Good luck.

I’m not sure about that…I’ve been using my picture for my gigs, have sold close to 3000 of them…I think too many writers use the things you are suggesting, such as pictures of typewriters etc for Gig image, so there is nothing to differentiate them. I think @esthernyambura has to do 2 things - raise the number of words to 600 per gig and offer quick delivery time. That will get her sales to skyrocket.

I agree. I get all kinds of requests for things that I don’t offer.

Hi writer99025,
Thank You for your suggestion. I highly appreciate. I will do something about it.

Sure Simon,
Thanks for your suggestion.

Because the buyer could not do so they hire you.

And because there is no agreement, let the buyer do own.

Because the price is too low for its high quality.

If the buyer slapped $ 50 in hand, I will do a quality job

Well, I respect your experience. I’m the opposite. I will not allow myself to be on video and I either pay people to make me gig images or I make them myself.

I see gigs as ads, and since this isn’t online dating, I don’t see how personal pictures help.

By the way, I love your gig image in: “I will write a High Quality Original Article on India for $5”

It’s not about the money, there are things I won’t do regardless of money. With that said, you should always try to do a quality job even if it’s $5, show your buyer that you tried.

As Fiverr tweeted: “Treat a $100 customer & a $5 customer just the same.”

Thanks for the suggestion…

It’s always worth remembering that there are sellers out here who do take a $5 gig as a test without mentioning it as well, which makes this a very sensible approach. On the other hand, the “if this goes well, we will have lots of work for you in the future…” crowd should be treated with some suspicion, as I have never found any one of them to have this supposed avalanche of upcoming work, regardless of whether I’ve done a 5-star job or “severely disappointed” them.

I agree with you @ fastcopywriter and some time a just $5 customer will convert in to $250 customer if we treat him well.

The only problem with testers is that they are sometimes disappointed when they pay more.

For example, let’s say a flower company in Germany was happy with the name Blumen Schultz, so they order again, this time they want brand names and domains, but suddenly they find out that is not available, so I give them and they’re pissed off.

Luckily for me, this doesn’t happen often.

P.S. I would never give anyone the brand names you just saw, that was a joke.

Why not combination of both? I’m seeing improved results and more orders with combination of my photo and text as gig profile photo.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong way. I guess it’s different for every case. If it works, it works, if it doesn’t work, do something else - that’s my philosophy in life :slight_smile:

Exactly, I did a 5 dollar gig and said that I really appreciated his order, and I got a 284 dollar gig…I think that 5 dollar gigs are a gamble. Some buyers are new to the system/unfriendly, and some are gold

Even if the seller was a yoga teacher getting paid to pose, or a model, or someone who uses his or her body, it would be boring to see the same picture all the time. Thanks for agreeing. :slight_smile:

I see you all are good seller but I am now how can I get more order form fiverr

Create more gigs, and make sure they’re not clone gigs, when it’s the same gig with a different title.