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Order Threads Have Disappeared

I’m going to guess that Fiverr is experiencing major issues at the moment – they were completely down due to a 502 website error about an hour or two ago. At present, while I can sign in, I am unable to work on any gigs because every order thread – including all buyer details – is gone. Nothing on any order page is showing up… no buyer order details, no communication, nothing. Yet, the timer remains, and continues to count down.

If anyone has any more information on this, please post it here.

I appreciate the commiseration.

I would hope they back the countdown clocks down to the beginning of the outage. And also post something in their news section so we can explain to customers who weren’t aware.

@awsvpsguy High hopes but I think they won’t write a news/update nor reset the clocks. I just hope it gest done before my deadlines pass.

Can’t see any message aswell and would like to start working :confused:

The clocks won’t be reset - that will just add more aggravation to the buyer’s side. They’ll let the sellers struggle to sort it out.

Just to let you know you are not alone, I’m having the same issue. Maybe I’m missing the larger picture but the more fiverr updates, the more problems we have.

Buyers these days seem to be totally lost. I have to constantly explain to them what to do. I’m not sure if Fiverr’s new features are making it easier or more complex, especially for first time visitors.